Oregon House of Kakegawa  -  オレゴンハウス英会話&アウトドアレクリエーション

Kakegawa American Club (KAC) 
       Got to live in Japan..... get a kick out of life in Japan!
Kakegawa American Club(KAC) is not only for Americans but also for English speaking foreigners and Japanese living in Kakegawa and its neighboring cities. 


1) KAC provides fun and educational activities for English speaking foreigners.
2) Make friends with real Japanese neighbors! They stare at you right, but many of them want to be friends with you.
3) KAC is an entirely volunteer based organization. Activity cost is set to the minimum expenditure cost.

How to be a member:
No membership fee. Just contact us and let us know your name, phone number and email address. We will email you our upcoming events. Join the event you want to and have fun!
Coordinator : Tom&Sumiyo Bickel
Kakegawa American Club (Located at Oregon House of Kakegawa)
262 Shimohijikata Kakegawa city 
Shizuoka 437-1434 Japan

Kakegawa International Cyclist Club
Avid cyclists are welcome to join anytime of the year to have adventures and training together. Tom has lived in Kakegawa for 10 years and knows the bike routes around this area like back of his 'pedal.' Let us enjoy scenic green tea farm roads and rugged deep mountain roads with sweat and perseverance.

Contact Tom Bickel: 0537-74-2965

We have Thanksgiving Dinner every year! Lately we forget to take photos as we are too busy eating and talking to do so.....

2015 Thanksgiving Dinner party

リナ先生の英会話 + ジュエリー作りレッスン。素敵なロングネックレス作り


Thanksgiving Dinner Party 2014

Soba party with a family from Israel, April  


Gyoza party, January 

Thanksgiving  Dinner  2011

Easter activity 2011

Macha party  2010 

Thanksgiving Dinner 2010
Thanksgiving Dinner 2010


With an Australian writer traveling around the world on 
Bike Friday (Eugene, Oregon) 2009  

Sushi party 2009



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